Is yoga for me?

Would you like to feel in control?  Have a handle on your anxiety and stress? Would you like to feel healthier and fitter?

Who wouldn’t ?

We can allow many obstacles to stand in our path when contemplating or starting something new. . Lethargy, doubt, impatience and distraction are common hurdles that lie in the path of a yoga practice.

Let’s traverse some of those rocks!

You can’t touch your toes?
It is a common fallacy that you have to be flexible to practice yoga, flexibility is what yoga can give you!

Your back hurts?
Whether it is due to work, sport or from an accident, yoga can help create length, flexibility and strength in the spine.

You are too old/young
Yoga is ageless and timeless, with so many different styles and Instruction available there will be a practice suitable to your needs.

You are too tired.
Increased circulation and improved  posture helps to combat the demands placed on our body by todays environment. Yoga can improve your sleep.

You are too stressed.
Most of us are familiar with stress, anxiety or worry; each can cause adverse effects on our health. Yoga is great for relieving the symptoms and helps to quiet the mind. It can help gain perspective and improve your mood.

Is yoga for me? If any of  the statements below resonate-yoga is for you!
You don’t know how to relax.
You have no energy
You have no time for yourself
You sit at a desk or are on your feet most of the day
You have an injury and want to improve recovery time
You are a runner and your hamstrings are tight
You are a diver and you want to improve your air consumption
You are a horse rider and want to improve safety in the seat.
You are a weight lifter and have little flexibility.
You are a climber and need focus, strength & flexibility.
You play golf and want to increase your swing range.

The list goes on, but there is one thing for certain, when you take that first step, your taking back Control has begun.