Witchy Workshop
Step into and reclaim your magical power.

Perhaps you are curious, maybe have a feeling, a knowing? Let me guide you on a journey of empowerment.
You will learn to honour the elements, call in your ancestors and guides, make spells harnessing plant power, crystals, candles and incantations. Through storytelling and journey you will begin to travel your path of the Witch.

This workshop is just the beginning.

Weave your Magic
Have you ever thought you would like to write but not sure where to begin?
Perhaps you have written in the past but are now out of the habit?
Maybe you have a story to tell or just want to give it a go.
In this workshop you will be guided to find and weave your magic with inspiring prompts that will get the words flowing.
This is a friendly, fun workshop that will leave you with the feeling ‘I can do this’

Reiki Share

An opportunity to come together and share the wonderful gift of Reiki.

Introduction to Yoga

This  workshop is a perfect introduction to yoga. Learn the basics and gain confidence to join a class or practice at home. Absolutely no previous knowledge is required. You do not have to flexible or fit, just being curious  about how yoga can benefit your life is all that is required!

Introduction to Meditation 

This workshop is a perfect introduction into the concept of meditation.  This will be a very chilled relaxing workshop that will give you the opportunity to experience three types of meditation. A mindful meditation that will bring awareness to the present moment, a guided visualisation that will transport you to a peaceful place and a metta meditation which intentionally focuses on kindness and gratitude.

Sound therapy and relaxation

This workshop takes you on a sublime journey of relaxation to connect to the deepest essence of yourself. Through the use of gentle relaxation techniques and sound healing any cares, worries or anxieties will drift away.

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