Do you trust your Instinct?

That breakthrough moment

Do you trust your instinct? 

Can it guide you?

Do you have any instinctive murmurings?

If you answered in the negative to any of the above questions…it may be that you need to tune into that inner wisdom…in fact it may just be that you need to turn the volume down on that sensible, rational voice that has all the answers!

I would like to welcome you to the first in a series of bite size treats written with the intention of helping you to connect with and nurture your instinct …..or inner wisdom

This is an invitation to ignite a spark of magical wonder and fun back into your life! I invite you to take any ideas that jump out at you and follow them..mull over any ideas that don’t….definitely grasp anything that you loudly protest over..see where the journey takes you.

The best way to tune into one or create one somewhere you can visit and instantly leave everything else behind.
Lets look at your options…..and start to mull over each of them..

  1. Find a space in your home 
  2. Find a space in your workplace
  3. Find a space close to where you live
  4. Find a space in your head

That’s it! We are done…bitesize one complete….lookout for bitesize two, where we will start to expand on our ‘space options’