What the Yoga?

What the Hill is this whole yoga thing… that seems to be growing… as in snowball down a hill momentum… all about?

If you’re not doing it yourself then its sure as most Yogi’s are vegetarian that you will know someone who is doing it and expounds its virtues, usually trying to convince you that you should also definitely try it too and feel its benefits.

Sankalpa Yoga

So OK what if curiosity gets the better of you and you join said friend ‘on the mat’ – seems to be a common phrase bandied about the ‘Yoga’ circles – and the minute you  enter the room, observing everyone wearing white and  sat cross legged looking mighty serious with a slightly glazed look on their faces… despite the friendly nod from, the person  who must be the Instructor you spoke to earlier that finally swung your decision to partake… you start to regret your decision… everybody for sure appears to be born to do this, they must get it , there may be an air of something you can’t quite put your finger on but it takes you back to being at assembly in school or at church when that irresistible urge to giggle starts to bubble from somewhere deep inside and threatens to spill out exposing you as a non-yogi interloper. OK so with all the resolve you can muster, you hold it together… then the room echoes with a loud ‘OOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM’ and all control flows along with ‘the breath’ out the window……………. You’re stuck in the room that is now silent apart from the sound of you semi-snorting as you try desperately to control the heaving shoulders fighting to bring yourself under some semblance of control and are trapped for the next hour amongst a room of dedicated yogis that properly spend most of their days contorting into strange shapes or standing on their heads chanting ooommm.

Chances are that’s not going to happen. You will more than likely join your friend who properly was never super flexible as far as you know, who hasn’t suddenly started quoting Sanskrit but whom you have noticed seems to enjoy the class so much she would like you to give it a go and see what you think.  The class will more than likely be a mixture of those new to yoga and some that have practiced for a number of years, there may be a range of flexibility from those who can’t touch their toes to those that could bite their own toenails if they wanted to.  There may be a range of ages from some that have not yet hit twenty to some that have retired, there may be Mothers, Fathers, Singles, Couples, professionals, tradespeople, artists, musicians, there may be some people that hold a lot of responsibility and those that carry none… who knows who may be on the mat next to you?

The fact is we are all different and we will all get something different from any yoga class… it may be its not  the class or the instructor that suits you but if you don’t give it a go you won’t know just what the hill this yoga thing is all about.

Sankalpa Classes

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