Tune In – Chill Out

A beautiful October has gracefully taken its leave, the grand finale being the winding back of the clocks and like a crescendo, the magnificent mosaic of reds, yellows and gold set against bright blue sky’s that we have enjoyed, continue to echo through our bodies and minds making the long nights ahead a daunting prospect.

We all lead such busy lives with everything available 24/7 it is inevitable that we become disconnected both to ourselves and the changing seasons, forgetting that winter is an opportunity for reflection and stillness, allowing yourself some time to take a journey through your five senses will get you back on track.


Touch: Indulge in cosy blankets with warming colours; deep reds, oranges and purple to lift your spirits. Keep your circulation flowing with gentle exercises; yoga’s moon salutations are perfect. Help boost your immune system and keep the harsh effects of winter at bay with regular self massage.

Sight: Treat yourself to a new book on your favourite subject or spend some time researching a new recipe or a route for a weekend walk.
Soothe tired eyes with a simple mask, dab organic rose water to cotton wool, lie back and apply to your eyes, feel the tension slip away.

Sound: Listening to music you enjoy decreases levels of the stress hormone cortisol, so reducing the effects of stress in the body.

Taste: Feast on local seasonal foods, stews and soups can bubble away in the slow cooker, the digestive system works harder in winter, so stoke up the heating system and keep the cold at bay with hearty meals.

Smell: Odour has a huge effect on the central nervous system; invest in essential oils to suffuse through the house to help create a nurturing environment.

Tune into yourself and embrace the long nights ahead, turn your home into your own personal retreat and flow through to Christmas feeling refreshed and revitalised.

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